Change of Owner – Want to specify for User or Team!?

Business Scenario: You want to trigger a flow when the owner of a record changes. Now Owner can point to both User or Team that is assigned to a user or team owned entity record. Say you want to run the action/flow on change of change of User only and not on change of Team, how do we do it?

Solution: Create an automated flow as below on Modification of Owner field:

then put a condition where check the type of the owner – You can select it dynamically as Owner(Type)

To make the condition for User, write

Otherwise to make it for teams, write

You may also choose Owner (Table Name) but remember to provide the Plural name there.

After this you may write your required set of Actions as per the Business Logic.

Your flow now runs only on Change of SystemOwner and not on change of TeamOwner.

Also you may use Filtering Conditon as stated in this Blog so the flow doesn’t even trigger on unwanted situations.

Hope it helps!

& the Power Quote of the day is:

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Author: powershalinee

Techno-Functional Consultant

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