Send Email to all Team Members via Power Automate

Scenario: I have chosen to send email to all team members of a particular team on creation of a Task. You can choose any condition or a dynamic team for any of your business requirements- here is just an example.

My Flow goes as follows:

Trigger : Create an Automate Cloud Flow when a new row is added, modified or deleted. I am doing it for Task

Then list down the team members for the required team you want. You can do this by accessing the table “teammemberships” – use it as a custom value as you will not get it in the drop down. Apply the required filter or Fetch XML Query according to your requirement.

Apply to each of the member records you get:
First get each of the rows by their ID as in the image below-

Then, access the Email ID of that Team Member (select Primary Email from dynamic content) and send an Email [Make sure the users have the Email Office365 E3 license assigned to them.]

Let’s test it:

I am creating a Task as follows:

This triggered a flow, which runs successfully.

I have two members in my team- the email has been sent to both of them.

You may design the email content as per requirement.

Hope it helps!

& the Power Quote of the day is:
“The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.”

Author: powershalinee

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